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Quick Overview

It is our belief that selling bulk foods from bulk dispensing bins should be hassle free. The bins should be attractive, intuitive and easy to use all the while ensuring the integrity of the product which is within the bin.

Trust our BEST BIN products!

Downloadable Product Information and Technical Sheet

Product Information and Technical Sheet



The Best Bin provides a design that takes less maintenance, has better functionality and provides better efficiencies in regard to space, labor, and out of stocks.


A 4-foot section with the The Best Bin 4-gallon bin compared to the competitor’s 3-gallon bins will mean 48% and 67% extra food storage per 4-feet. Ten (10) units in a row of the 8-gallon bin versus the competitor’s 5-gallon bins will produce 78% and 100% more food storage. In other words, more bins (and thus products) with a higher capacity per bin!


The Best Bin gravity bins consist of only nine (9) different parts compared to up to twenty-four (24) parts for the competitor’s products. This makes assembly, disassembly and cleaning much easier.


The Best Bin has a durable spring closure mechanism enclosed within the handle, which keeps it outside of the food area of the bin.


  • The Best Bin gravity bin is able to dispense more types of food products due to its wider and circular spout design.
  • Just introduced in February 2015, a portion control insert. Which gives a measured portion with each pull of the handle equating to roughly half a pound of coffee.


  • The attractive “honeycomb” design gives the base additional strength to hold bins when filled to capacity (60-70 lbs).
  • Base is heat staked together to make it a permanent one-piece design.
  • Bin eases into base with the contour bin rest design and to direct the “unique” bin keel into its pocket.
  • Retention lugs attached to the base assure easy mounting into the specially designed retention strip.

Additional Information

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) No
Weight (kg) 5.0000
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