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We like our professional espresso machine getting attention. With a stylish design, with the quality of materials, with smart technology.

Alum-White Alum-Black Titanium Dynamic-white Total-white Total-Black Rebel

DC Pro Rebel

Customise your DC Pro Professional Espresso Machine. If you are a free spirit, if you live life at full speed inspired by creativity, we've got something for you! Choose your airbrushed dc pro Rebel or create your own.

Exclusive Technology

You know what you need to best extract your coffee – a separate boiler, the original multi-boiler technology and a temperature that’s precise down to one hundredth of a degree. We provide you with all this, in our DC Pro Professional Espresso Machine.


54mm portafilter for an optimum extraction. Ergonomic knobs and handles. Semi-automatic cleaning programme. Just enjoy it!


When we put it on the market, it amazed everyone with its unique design and innovative line - and still does today.