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We re-designed our ultimate professional espresso machine. New looks and cutting-edge technology with a classical core. Because there is more to our restyling than style – it is an added value.

Arctic_white Nebula_Black Quartz_Grey Sparkling_red Black_Board

Constant Extraction

According to us, a "professional espresso machine" is a baristas' tool which makes them able to make always the same perfect espresso. Repeatability and consistency in cup are a must for any barista and daily routine for evo2. Just test it.

Energy Saving Espresso Machine

You can turn on the groups you work with and keep the others turned off. Choose to save money by reducing costs.

Ease of Use

The independent groups are easy to identify. dc exclusive design provides the best portafilter handle. Get the steam wands working with just half turn of the steam knob. Your work is much easier now.