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Quick Overview

A unique bag that enables an easy and clean connection to the device. The bag, which is available in several sizes, is almost tear proof and makes the milk storage efficient and easy to handle.

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Product Sheet


Milkit is an innovative, original & exciting patented milk tap solution designed for the hospitality industry!

Milkit saves time preparing each cup of coffee, resulting in the production of more drinks:

• The Milkit tap saves up to 4 seconds in the preparation of every coffee cup • Producing more drinks faster makes shorter lines • One Milkit bag = 17 one liter bags that needs to be handled

Money saver Milkit saves milk wastage in three primary ways:

• 5% by pouring the exact amount of milk needed Easy to adjust control buttons offers complete pouring control • 5%  by enabling boiled milk to be recycled Device keeps milk at constant cool temperature so the excess from foaming can be re-boiled and re-used • 3% by reducing secondary damages Lessen the use of cleaning materials and waste produced

Energy Saver Milkit’s sustainability strategy promotes economical conservation as well as environmental protection

• Decreases waste production of energy, deterioration and disintegration of equipment • Reduces production of pollution - more milk on less trucks • Milkit saves up to 25% percent storage space

Watch the video to learn more about the product:

Additional Information

Dimensions (L X H X D) (mm) 154 x 363.1
Weight (kg) 6.8000
Minimum water pressure No
Maximum water pressure No
Minimum water flow No
20 Amp Socket No
15 Amp Socket No
Call For Price Yes
  • Repeatability and precision cup after cup
  • User friendly on a self-serve or full-service station
  •  Adaptable to any existing fridge
  • Easy installation
  • Standard 110 volts, 76.8W
  • Automatic Daily Cleaning Program
  • Save up to 8% in milk by pouring exactly what you need
  • Save up to 20% in preparation time and serve more customers hourly
  • Environmentally friendly! Cut down up to 85% in your milk packaging material waste
  • Save up to 25% in storage space


Key Feature: Two Milk Tap dispensers, two milk varieties in unison

Voltage: 110V

Related Power: 76.8W

Frequency: 47-63Hz

Flow Rate: 3 litres

Height: 363.1mm

Width: 154mm

Weight: 6.8kg

Construction: Stainless Steel

Warranty: 12 months (Parts only)