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The power of engineering precision in a unique espresso machine that’s full of character. This is our challenge.

Yellow BlackBoard White Glass Wood-Veneer Dark-Oak Oak Venice-wood Coffeerama Country-Blue Country-Green


Nobody has ever used water flow as a so precise extraction parameter – apart from us, of course. We give you the chance to create the best flow profile for a perfect extraction and a perfect espresso. Let’s rock your coffee!


With over eighty spins per second, our exclusive flow meter provides a perfect dose in the cup. A very precise control, "drop by drop" of the quantity of water on the coffee cake, because precision is our must.

Just as You Like It

Your Mina Espresso Machine is available in different design combination. Glass or wood, matt or gloss. Let your personality shine through by choosing your favourite materials and colours.

In Your Hands

With Mina's App you can customise also your espresso coffee, according to your taste. The specific app, designed to set and control all Mina’s parameters is a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to create different profiles for different coffees and aromas, directly from your device.